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An "Incomplete" will be given only when necessary and should not be regarded as a convenience for the student. It will be calculated as a failing grade unless it is removed by the end of the next quarter.

Grading System

Academic Classification

Freshman - student who has earned 0-54 quarter hours of credit

Sophomore - student who has earned 55-108 quarter hours of credit

Junior - student who has earned 109-162 quarter hours of credit

Senior - student who has earned 163 or more quarter hours of credit


Tuition is $50 per quarter hour for undergraduate students and $60 per quarter hour for graduate students.

Financial Information

Tennessee Bible College provides no formal placement service.

After you have made application, paid the application fee, and sent transcripts, choose your course and pay via PayPal.  This serves as your official registration into the class.  On the first day of the quarter you will receive an email that gives your specific login information.

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