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Pioneer Preacher Revival

My God and My Neighbor, by Malcolm Hill, founder of Tennessee Bible College. A very useful and practical book on personal evangelism. For personal and classroom use, this book has sold over 100,000 copies.

Foreword by W. A. Bradfield. 117 pages. $8.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Ox in the Ditch, by Kerry Duke. A specific aspect of Bible interpretation--the principle of qualification--is examined and applied to moral issues such as lying, divorce and remarriage, and capital punishment. 144 pages. $11.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

This audio CD is a reading of selected articles of Restoration preachers in the 1800s. David Hayes Prophater gives a voice to these writings of Alexander Campbell, J. W. McGarvey, David Lipscomb, and others. A truly unique work among churches of Christ. $10 donation, plus shipping & handling. ($15.00 total)   Listen to a sample.

God at a Distance, by Kerry Duke. An elaboration and defense of free will, made possible by the remarkable way God made man and the world. 213 pages. $14.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

My Sister's Keeper, Kerry Duke, Editor. Written by eight Christian women, this book deals with challenges, issues, and needs of Christian women. For individual or class use. $13.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Jesus is Lord, Glenn B. Ramsey, editor. The 1988 Tennessee Bible College Lectureship. 193 pages. $14.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Debate Charts on Roman Catholicism by Kerry Duke. This book contains over 100 charts exposing Roman Catholicism. It also contains explanatory and supplementary material for each of the six sections of charts. The charts may be used in classes, sermons, or debates on Roman Catholicism.   $12.00 (price includes shipping & handling.)

Questions and Answers by Malcolm L. Hill, founder of Tennessee Bible College. This book deals with questions about the Bible and how it applies to life. It is easy to use and is written in such a way that all can learn from it.  $25.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Big Blue Book of Cooking featuring recipes, plain and fancy. Main dishes, breads, and desserts to suit every occasion, lovingly and painstakingly compiled by the Ladies Associates of Tennessee Bible College, Cookeville, TN.  $14.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Second Helpings - Another wonderful Ladies Associates' collection of all-new recipes not found in the "Blue Book," as well as an appendix containing useful household hints, substitutions, equivalents, etc.  $14.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


The Day America Declared War, by Kerry Duke. This booklet examines the case of Roe v. Wade in light of the moral law of the Creator and sets forth important Bible passages which teach the sanctity of human life beginning at conception. $6.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Essays on Divorce and Remarriage by  Kerry Duke. This book contains articles on different questions about this subject as well as the book orginally entitled The Remarriage of a Divorced Couple.

$14.00 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

(When purchasing in bulk, please check with us for a possible discount on shipping and handling.)

Pillars of the Faith

God, Christ, and the Bible

Faith Building Series Volume One by Kerry Duke

Young Christians are in a battle with unbelief. This book helps to secure their faith in God, Christ, and the Bible. Written in a simple yet challenging manner, Pillars of the Faith is designed especially for high school and college-age Bible classes but can be used in adult studies. $15.00 (includes s & h)


You may also buy this book electronically for $7.50. Choose either Kindle or iBooks version.

Right From the Beginning

In a World of Wrong

Faith Building Series Volume Two by Kerry Duke

Right From the Beginning in a World of Wrong is a book about moral teaching found in the first pages of the Bible. Written for high school and college students and other young adults especially, this book takes Genesis chapters 1-11 and teaches about pressing issues of right and wrong: marriage, same-sex relations, free will, work ethics, the use of alcohol, capital punishment, the treatment of animals, racism, climate change and other concerns. This book is the second in the Faith Building Series from TBC Press. The first, Pillars of the Faith, discusses and defends the evidences for God, Christ, and the Bible. These books help young people particularly but they are also written for young and old alike to help Christians be sure of their beliefs and to defend them in a changing and sometimes hostile world. $10 plus $5 shipping and handling. Electronic version: $7.50.

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