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We are very excited about our programs.  Each level of biblical investigation builds a solid foundation from which to defend and share the truth of God's Word.  As you can see after reading the catalog, apologetics play a large part in the design of our courses.  In the catalog you will notice a large selection of subjects that will provide you with a balance and a comprehensive understanding of religions of men versus the Word of God. Please allow us to encourage you to carefully read the material on this website and take whatever time necessary to go through and understand the catalog.

Two-Year Diploma in Bible

This program offers an alternative for those who want to increase their Bible knowledge without pursuing a bachelor's degree.  One hundred hours of credit are required for the two-year diploma.  The courses for the two-year program are chosen from the undergraduate course offerings.  The college Dean is available to guide each student in the selection of courses for each term.

Bachelor of Religious Education (B.R.E.)

This degree requires 201 quarter hours to graduate.  See the College catalog for more complete detail on the courses required for this degree.

Master of Theology (M.Th.)

This degree requires 24 hours of core curriculum, 12 hours of electives, and a written thesis worth 12 hours.  [Total of 48 quarter hours]

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

This degree requires 36 hours of core curriculum, 15 hours of electives, and a written dissertation worth 36 hours. [Total of 87 quarter hours]

Auditing Classes

Auditing of classes is authorized for undergraduate courses only.

More detail on auditing classes...

"Through-the-Mail" Courses

TBC's online college is not for everyone.  For those who wish to complete their courses through the traditional postal service, we have some courses that are available through the mail.

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