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A100 Ancient Philosophy

A200 Medieval Philosophy

A309 Inspiration of the Bible

A325 Deity of Christ

A325 Deductive Logic*

A451 Existence of God

A452 Attributes of God

D109 Hermeneutics

D300 The Bible & Major World Views

D412 World Religions


G101 English Composition I*

G102 English Composition II*

G103 English Composition III*

G225 Psychology

G230 Introduction to Sociology


H200 Early & Medieval History

H201 Reformation History

H202 Restoration History

H217 Between the Testaments*


L151 New Testament Greek I*

L152 New Testament Greek II*

L153 New Testament Greek III*

L251 New Testament Readings I

L252 New Testament Readings II

L253 New Testament Readings III

L261 Elementary Hebrew I

L262 Elementary Hebrew II

L263 Elementary Hebrew III


M110 Introduction to Christian Counseling*

M230 Preparation & Delivery of Sermons


T101 Introduction to the Old Testament*

T111 Introduction to the New Testament*

T112 Life of Christ I

T113 Life of Christ II

T121 Pentateuch*

T131 Acts of the Apostles*

T132 Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, & Philemon*

T134 I & II Thessalonians*

T136 James & Galatians*

T222 Hebrew History I*

T223 Hebrew History II*

T321 Literature of the Prophets I

T322 Literature of the Prophets II

T324 Poetical Literature

T325 Wisdom Literature I

T332 I & II Timothy, Titus

T433 Romans

T435 Hebrews

T440 Peter, John, & Jude*

T445 Revelation*


*Course offered every quarter


502 Existence & Biblical Doctrine of God

503 Advanced Inspiration of the Bible

510 Advanced Hermeneutics

511 History of Theology

522 Biblical Doctrine of Last Things

525 Exegesis of the Greek New Testament

534 Applied Biblical Counseling

602 The Bible and the Canon

610 The Problem of Evil

623 Islam and Other World Religions

627 Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible

Please remember:

(1) We must have official transcripts, not copies (even student copies);

(2) The high school, college, or military branch must mail the transcript(s) to us directly;

(3) You should have those transcipts sent to the Dean's office as soon as possible.

To register for courses after you have been accepted into the school, simply:

(1) examine the Course Schedule;

(2) contact the Dean if you need advice;

(3) select your class(es) and pay online.

*If you have a need, we are willing to discuss offering other courses than those listed above

Contact the Dean to discuss taking other courses: (931)526-2616.

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