A general introduction to counseling techniques used today, with special emphasis on the principles that guided such counseling in Bible times.

In this course the methodology of personal evangelism will be studied. The various methods will be studied in detail and the student trained to use the materials available.


Course Syllabus

Course Content and Objectives

M435 Church Growth will study methods and procedures of organizing and developing specific programs in the local church situation. Actual experience in working with elders in such areas as evangelism, older people, young people, Christian fellowship, and new converts will also be required.

Other related TBC courses include: M200 Personal Evangelism; and M100 Qualifications for Personal Evangelism Directors.


The class requires that each student:

1.) Finish the required reading assignments. 2.) Listen to the weekly class lectures. 3.) Make a significant contribution to the weekly discussion board. 4.) Complete all class assignments and submit them on time.


M435 Church Growth is a 3 credit-hour course. 1.) The weekly lectures are worth a total of 200 points. 2.) The weekly discussion board is worth a total of 200 points. 3.) The required reading is worth a total of 200 points. 4.) The class project is worth a total of 400 points.

The assignments total 1,000 points. Students that score 920 points or higher (92%-100%) on their assignments will receive an “A” for the course. Students that score 830-910 points (83%-91%) will receive a “B” for the course. Students that score 720-820 points (72%-82%) will receive a “C” for the course. Students that score 650-710 (65%-71%) will receive a “D” for the course. Students that score below 650 points (65%) will receive a failing grade for the course.

I will do my best to keep your scores up to date on the TBC website and through email correspondence. I certainly appreciate your desire to know how you are doing in my class.

Also, your prompt attention to these assignments will be factored into your final grade. It is possible to finish these assignments and this class with time to spare at the end of the semester.

I believe each student can do very well in this class, if he or she will keep up with the work and put forth a very good effort in the assignments. I hope to see everyone make an “A”!