Reading -Hermeneutics by D. R. Dungan - 20%
Exams - 80%

A study of the defense of basic Christian doctrines.

God's plan for man's redemption is studied in a general survey of its development through the Bible. How this story is connected throughout the Bible will also be emphasized.

A study of the Bible vs. Major World Views, also Man & Woman, Church History, & Worship

Course Syllabus/Requirements

This course will consist of an overview (not comprehensive) of the doctrine of God, and the origin, method, and doctrine of major cults. All cults deviate from main foundational biblical truths, i.e., the nature of God, man, inspiration, and eschatology (last things).

Listen to all audio lessons, complete all reading assignments, take all tests, and write a paper on an approved topic.
Audio – 20%
Reading – 20%
Tests – 30%
Paper – 30%

Guidelines for Paper:
Submit topic for approval before week 6
6-10 pages in length
Form: Chicago Manual Style

Required Reading:
The Challenge of the Cults and New Religion, by Ron Rhodes ISBN: 9780310829065

The God Of The Bible And Other Gods, Is the Christian God Unique Among World Religions? by Robert P. Lightner ISBN: 1579786529

Note: each book will require some correction where “evangelical” doctrines, i.e., Calvinism, pre-millennialism, are injected in to the discussion of cults and so-called Christian orthodoxy. Only selected sections of Lightner’s book are required reading…a portable document format (pdf) of each selected section will be accessible to the student for online reading.

Recommended (not required) Reading:
1. The Kingdom Of The Cults, by Walter Martin ISBN: 9780764228216
2. What The Cults Believe (Expanded Edition) by Irvine Robertson ISBN: 08024941454.
3. Cults, World Religions and the Occult, by Kenneth Boa ISBN: 08969382394.
4. The Truth About Worldviews, A Biblical Understanding of Worldview Alternatives, by James P. Eckman ISBN: 1581346727
5. God's Prophetic Word, by Foy E. Wallace Jr.


This course will focus on God’s continued power and ability to work in the affairs of men and to govern the universe. We will also vigorously investigate a theological dilemma that limits God’s eternal power, i.e., He works only through the Word and natural law today. Satan’s work, however, is not limited to God’s Word and natural law; therefore, the devil has become more powerful than God in the world today. This view limits God’s work to the realm of nature and allows Satan to rule, unchallenged, in the supernatural realm. We reject this conclusion! 


The Bible (a translation approved by the Tennessee Bible College)

Required Reading: 

The Providence Dilemma, a manuscript written by Mike Hogan (pdf file supplied)

Recommended (not required) Reading:

The Timeless Trinity, for the Ceaseless Centuries by Roy H. Lanier, Sr.


Listen to EVERY audio lesson (each week)

Take one mid-term and one final exam online

Write a five-page term paper, due the last two weeks (topic of your choosing)


Mid-term Exam 10%

Final Exam 10%

Term Paper 30%

Listen to audios and visit the virtual classroom 50% 

Doctrines of some of the popular world religions will be dealt with in light of the Holy Scriptures.