Course Syllabus

A451 Existence of God is a rigorous consideration of the logical proofs for the existence of God, with special emphasis on the cosmological, teleological, moral, biblical, and ontological arguments.

Reading - 20%

Tests - 40%

Term Paper - 40% (approved topic - submit proposal by the end of week three; 15 page maximum length)

You will need access to the following sources:

  • The Warren-Flew Debate
  • There is a God, Antony Flew
  • Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis
  • The Five Ways of Aquinas in his Summa Theologica (Pt. 1, Q. 2, Art. 3)
  • "The Watch and the Watchmaker" in Natural Theology by William Paley
  • Transcript of a Debate on the Existence of God between Bertrand Russell and F. C. Copleston on BBC radio
  • "Theology and Falsification" by Antony Flew